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Extramovies 2022 : Friends, most of the people in the world like to watch movies. But you must  know that it is not always possible to go to theaters and watch movies. That’s why people look for a way to watch movies online.


But all the OTT platforms available to watch movies online have to take expensive subscription plans to watch your favorite movies. But not every man is able to afford expensive subscriptions plan, So this post is very important for you.


We are going to tell you about a website that allows you to download Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, South Indian movies, Hindi dubbed movies absolutely free. The name of this website is Extramovies.


On Extramovies website you can watch and download any newly released movie of the world absolutely for free.


The name of Extramovies is exactly the same. Here you will get the facility to download movies in every size in every quality. But many people do not know the complete information about Extramovies website.


That’s why most of the people do various types of work on Extramovies in without knowledge, which is illegal. Then you will say that when it is illegal then why are you telling about it?


For your information, let us tell you that people do not know the real truth of any website like Extramovies in. Which can become a problem for them later on. That’s why we will give you complete information about movie download Extramovies in. Believe me, if you read this post till the end, you will be of great benefit.


Extramovies Download Hub Website Overview

Extramovies, Extramovies hd movie download

Extramovies website is a pirated website that allows people to download Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies download, Extra movies Tamil movie download, Extramovies Telugu movie download for free.


This website has been made so that people can get free to watch their favorite movie sitting at home. So that the user does not have to go to theaters and watch the movie.


Those who like to download and watch movies from the internet, there will hardly be anyone who does not know about Extramovies in. Today, Extramovies com has become a very popular website to download movies from online internet.


But many people do not know anything about what is a pirated website. So that they have to face many problems later on.  Therefore, it is very important for you to know about any pirated website like Extramovies.


Extramovies is such a pirated website that illegally leaks Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada movies and uploads them on the website and gives the user a chance to download the movie for free.


Extramovies has become so famous for free movie download in 2022 that every day millions of users come to download the movie on it.


Due to illegal pirated websites like Extramovies com, the film industry is facing a loss of billions of dollars every year. Due to such websites, people do not go to theaters and watch online movies sitting at home for free. Popularity of illegal pirated websites like Extramovies on the Internet has increased a lot for the last few years.


All the pirated websites like Extramovies leak the movie on the day of its release and upload it on their website. After that users download and watch Bollywood movies, Extramovies Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, South Indian movies for free.


Due to these websites, the number of viewers watching movies in theaters is continuously decreasing. Because of these today every film industry is facing a lot of loss every year. Sometimes even a very good film flops due to pirated websites like Extramovies in.


However, time to time the government keeps on banning this types of websites. But the owners of pirated websites like Extramovies casa start their work again by changing the domain name.


Despite all the efforts of the government, websites like Extramovies casa have given full freedom to download Hollywood movies, Tamil Hindi dubbed movies download, Telugu Hindi dubbed movies indiscriminately. So that the number of viewers in theaters is continuously decreasing.


However, let us tell you that downloading movies from any pirated websites like Extramovies in is illegal. Stay away from any kinds of pirated website.


Extramovies in Movie Download Website Complete Information


Today’s, people have got used to living alone. The reason for this is that most of the people have internet, Smartphone, Laptop, PC etc. Humans spend most of their time in all these gadgets.


But you must also know that most of the people watch their favorite movies from online internet. But many people do not have an expensive subscription plan of the OTT platform. So that they have to separately subscribe to the expensive OTT platform to watch the movie.


But not many people can subscribe to OTT. Extramovies in website has been made for such people. In Extra movies you can watch any type of movie for free. Today Extra movies site has become quite famous for movie download all over the world.


However, many times film directors, filmmakers get closed by appealing to the governments under the National Cyber ​​Crimes Act regarding these pirated websites. But websites like Extra Movies in do this kind of illegal work easily without any fear.


The government has failed to completely ban these websites. So that many times even a big budget movie is not able to earn well and gets flopped.


The main reason for the popularity of these websites is that you get the complete facility to download Extramovies 300Mb, 400Mb 720p Dual Audio Movie here for free.


Let us tell you that in many countries including India, it is completely illegal to use any kind of copyrighted material without permission. But a site like Extramovies in Govt. Despite her refusal, she continues to do such work.


Although we have already told you that Extramovies.in is an illegal pirated website. Therefore, we warn you to stay away from any such website. If you are caught using copyrighted material then legal action can be taken against you.


Latest Leaked Movies On Extramovies com


You already know that Extramovies leaks any newly released movie and uploads it on its site. We are giving you some such movies list which this website leaked on the day of movie release in theaters.


Now you can think that people who download and watch the movie from Extramovies com, then why will they go to theatres? If you have not seen these movies yet, then you can download and watch them now.


The leaked movies list on Extramovies com 2022 is as follows:-


Extramovies casa 2022 Leaked Bollywood Movies List


● Velle 2021 Full Movie 720p & 1080p HDRip
● Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui 720p, 1080p HDRip
● 83 (2021) Full Movie Hindi 1080p CAMRip
● Antim: The Final Truth
● Atrangi Re – 720p & 1080p HDRip
● Satyameva Jayate 2 – 720p & 1080p HDRip
● Bunty Aur Babli 2 – 720p & 1080p HDRip
● Sooryavanshi 2021 Full Movie 1080p HDRip
● 420 IPC 2021 Full Movie Hindi 720p HDRip
● Dhamaka Full Movie 720p & 1080p HDRip
● Bob Biswas 2021 Full Movie 720p & 1080p HDRip


Latest Leaked Extramovies casa South Indian Hindi dubbed Movies List


● Muddy 2021 Dual Audio 1080p HDRip
● Kurup Hindi Dubbed HDRip
● Doctor Hindi HQ Dubbed
● Pushpa: The Rise Hindi Dubbed
● Mission Extreme Dual Audio Hindi
● Minnal Murali Hindi Dubbed HDRip
● Republic Hindi HQ Dubbed HDRip
● Madhuram Hindi Dubbed HDRip
● Jai Bhim
● Annaatthe
● Doctor
● Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea
● Maanaadu
● Enemy 2021 Dual Audio Hindi
● Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea


Extramovies Latest Leaked Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies List


● The Wasteland 2022 Dual Audio 720p HDRip
● Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts
● The Monkey King: The Legend Begins
● Red Notice
● Don’t Look Up
● Encanto
● The Matrix Resurrections
● Spider-Man: No Way Home
● Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage
● Dont Breathe 2 (2021) Hindi Dubbed
● No Time to Die
● Night Teeth (2021) Hindi Dubbed
● Jungle Cruise (2021) Hindi Dubbed


How To Download Movies From Extramovies cc


Till now you have learned that any movie can be downloaded from Extramovies cc. But let us now know how to download movies from Extramovies cc?


● Before downloading movies from Extramovies cc, you must use VPN in your device. Due to this no one can know your identity.

● After this, you have to come to its active link by typing Extramovies cc in your search engine.

● After this you will get to see your favorite movie either on the homepage or search by typing its name.

● As soon as you search by typing the name of the movie, a link to download the movie will appear in front of you according to the category and quality. You have to click on it.

● As soon as you click on download, the movie download will start. However, during this time you may see some ads. Have to skip them.


In this way you can easily download movies from any proxy site like Extramovies cc for absolutely free.


Note:- We have already told you that Extramovies is an illegal pirated website.  Due to which it is illegal to download the movie.  Stay away from such websites.


Why Extramovies Downloadhub is Not Working?


Many times when you must have gone to download movies from Extra Movies in, sometimes you will have to face many types of errors. Many times the website will not open properly.


The main reason for this is that we have already told you that Extra Movies in is an illegal pirated website. You yourself know that pirated websites are illegal. Therefore, the eyes of the government are always on such websites. Therefore, whenever such websites come in the eyes of the government, they are immediately banned.


So that the user sometimes has to face trouble in downloading the movie. However, this problem only happens for a short time. As soon as the government bans Extramovies in, their owners transfer their entire data to another domain name and the website starts working again. After which the users again start downloading the movie.


Although many people do not know about Extramovies 2022 New Domain Name. That’s why we are giving you a list of some new domain names of this website which can prove to be very useful for you while downloading the movie.


Extramovies com New Domain Link 2022


Extramovies cc
Extramovies in
Extramovies com
Extramovies host
Extramovies casa
Extramovies lol
Extramovies org
Extramovies net
Extramovies app
Extramovies online
Extramovies cast
Extramovies apk
Extramovies host
Extramovies info
Extramovies co
Extramovies mars
Extramovies city
Extramovies town
Extramovies world


How Does Extramovies cc Work?


By now you must be well aware that Extramovies cc is an illegal pirated website. Which allows people to download Bollywood movies, hollywood hindi dubbed movies 2022 download, Punjabi movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies for free.


But let us tell you that a group of many people work behind any pirated websites like Extramovies cc to do so many things. These people work by hiding their identity. So that the government does not know about them.


Their main job is to upload Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi movies in some way by leaking them on their site as soon as they are released or before.


Such a website first tries to upload the newly released movie on its site. So that more and more users can be brought to your site. The more users come to their site to download the movie, the more ads are clicked on the site.  After clicking on these ads, they earn money.


In this way any pirated website like Extramovies cc does its job.


Govt. Steps To Stop Piracy


To prevent the harm caused by pirated websites like Extramovies 2022, the government has made such a law under the Cinematograph Act 2010, under which if you are caught doing any kind of piracy, then you can be imprisoned for 3 years. Also, if your offense is more then a fine of 10 lakhs can also be imposed.


That’s why we would advise you to keep distance from all the websites like Extramovies host. In this is your good.


Extramovies casa 2022 Website Best Features


Today’s, there would hardly be anyone in the world who would not like to watch movies. If you are also fond of watching more movies then Extra movies in is a great option for you. What is the specialty of this website and why it is so popular, let us know about it in full detail.


● Talking about the feature of Extramovies com website, this website gives people a chance to download Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Punjabi movies, web series for free.


● On this website you will get to download movies in different categories according to every year. Like Extramovies 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 movie download facility. So that it is very easy for the user to find his favorite movie.


● On this website you will get to download movies of every size of every quality.


● If you have any kind of problem in downloading the movie, then you can also contact them.


● If you don’t see your favorite movie on the homepage then just search once by typing the name of the movie, your favorite movie will be in front of you.


● Any new movie on Extramovies in website gets leaked on the day of release. Due to which the user does not need to go to any other website to download the movie on the same day.


Extramovies com Website Movies Categories


It is very important for you to know about which category of movies you will get to watch on this website because it will make it very easy for you to find your favorite movie.



● Bollywood movies
● Hollywood movies
● 1080p Movies
● 18+ Movies
● 300MB Movies
● Action Movies
● Adult Movies
● Adventure Movies
● Animated Movies
● Biography Movies
● Chinese Movies
● Comedy Movies
● Coming Soon
● Crime Movies
● Documentary Movies
● Drama Movies
● Dual Audio Movies
● Family Movies
● Fantasy Movies
● HD Desktop Wallpapers
● High Quality
● Hindi Dubbed Movies
● Hindi PGS Subtitles
● History Movies
● Horror Movies
● Japanese Movies
● Musical
● Mystery Movies
● Other Movies
● Pakistani Movies
● Popular Movies
● Romance Movies
● Sci-Fi Movies
● South Indian Movies
● Tamil Dubbed
● Thriller Movies
● Trailer
● Tv Shows
● Adventure
● Unofficial Dubbed
● UnRated Movies
● Web Series
● Suspense
● Western


Movies Category By Language


● Hindi Movies
● Punjabi Movies
● Bengali Movies
● Gujarati
● Kannada Movies
● Malayalam Movies
● Marathi Movies
● Tamil Movies
● Telugu Movies


You will hardly get to see so many different categories for downloading movies in any other site. This has a big hand in making Extramovies so famous.


Extramovies net Movie Size & Quality


What size and quality movies can you download in Extramovies 2022, let’s know about it.


4k quality
Full HD Quality
HD Movies


Why We Should Not Use Extramovies Website


If you have read the post till here, then you must have known that downloading movies from Extramovies to is wrong. But do you know why downloading anything from such websites should be avoided. How dangerous is it to download movies from any website like Extramovies and how you can face trouble, if you do not know, then let’s know about it in full detail.


1. If you download anything from Extramovies to then it means that you are promoting Piracy. While you are well aware that piracy is completely illegal in many countries including India, UK, USA.


2. There is a risk of data theft on any pirated websites like Extramovies. There are many types of hackers and viruses on them which can harm you.


3. If you are caught uploading or downloading anything on such website, then legal action can be taken against you under the Piracy Act.


Similar Website Like Extramovies to





For your information, let us tell you that all these websites are illegal pirated websites like Extramovies. Using them is completely illegal.


Is It Safe To Download Movies From Extramovies Website?


The question remains in the minds of many people that when it is an illegal pirated website, is it safe to download movies from Extramovies? As we have already told you that there is a pirated website of Extramovies com which illegally leaks the copyrighted material and uploads it on its site.


There are many types of hackers and viruses on pirated websites that can harm you. That’s why downloading anything from them is not safe at all. You should stay away from any such website and use legal website or app to watch movies.


Is Extramovies in Legal Website?


It is absolutely illegal to download movies from any pirated website like Extramovies. You should know that piracy is considered illegal in many countries. Therefore you should not use any such torrent website.


If you are caught doing this, then you can be fined 10 lakhs along with 3 years imprisonment. That’s why we request you that it is always good to keep distance from such sites.


Legal Alternative Website Of Extramovies com


You must have known by now that watching or downloading movies from Extramovies com is wrong. Therefore, watching movies should be done only through these legal websites or apps, which is absolutely safe.

Jio Cinema
Amazon Prime
Apple Tv
Eros Now


Conclusion: Through this post, we have learned that what kind of website is Extramovies casa, how dangerous can it be for you to download movies from Extramovies in, is it safe to use or not, is Extramovies casa banned in India or not, What kind of consequences might you have to face if you use it?


We sincerely hope that we have been able to give you a good information about Extramovies website. Nevertheless, if you want to get any more information about Extramovies in movie download website, then definitely ask by commenting.


DISCLAIMER: We do not encourage the use of piracy websites in any way. Our purpose is only to give information and making you aware about this piracy website. We advise you to use legal sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, SonyLiv etc. to watch movies. Doing any kinds of piracy without permission is a punishable offense. That’s why you should stay away from such websites.

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