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Today it has become a habit for people to ask Google that Hello Google How Are You? People are looking for the solution of every problem on Google. It is also true that without Google today our life has started to seem difficult.


There is always an accurate answer to all our questions on Google. But today Google has become the best partner to remove our loneliness.


Nowadays people start talking to Google whenever they are alone. Despite being a machine, people start asking him about his condition.


Surprisingly, Google also gives a very accurate answer to this. Due to this they do not feel lonely. Google Assistant has made this task easy. Some people enjoy asking Google many funny questions.


This is the reason why Google Assistant is now included in our daily routine. People are now starting to consider Google as a close friend of theirs. That’s why as a friend, we ask google “hello google how are you” to ask about his/her well being.


Google is not only technology but also being considered as an important part of our life. The biggest reason for this is that, today if we do not know the answer to any small thing, then we take the help of Google without thinking.


We all believe that the answer to which they do not have the answer will definitely be with Google. Therefore, without any help, we easily ask Google to answer our questions and immediately we get the answer.


But nowadays the practice of asking OK Google how are you has increased very fast among the people. But many people don’t know how hello google how are you today ask?


Let us know complete detail about how you can ask all things from Google? If you are asking that hello google how are you but you are not getting the answer then what will you have to do so that you too can enjoy Google.


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Hello Google How Are You: Know Everything About Google Assistant


Friends! If I will tell you that you can talk with your mobile. Wasn’t surprised to hear this. But for your information, let us tell you that this is absolutely correct. Google has proved it right. This means that you can talk to your mobile whenever you want.


But you must be thinking that how can this be possible? Let me tell you. Google does all this through artificial intelligence. Google Assistant has been made using this. Made by Google, this is a SOFTWARE that works like a Virtual Assistant.


But how can you use this product of Google, what are its complete settings? Let’s know about complete detail.


How To Use Google Assistant


To use these great features of Google, there are some basic settings, just you have to fix it. By the way, the features of Google Assistant are already present in all the new phones that are coming these days. But just a little bit of them has to be changed.


● If you do not have Google Assistant in your phone, then first you need to download from the Play Store.
● After this you have to login with your gmail account in it.
● After this your Google Assistant will be activated. By the way, English default language is set in it. If you are not able to change the language then it does not matter. Below we are explained in complete detail. You just need to follow this.


How To Change Language in Google Assistant


● First of all you have to hold your HOME BUTTON for some time. This will open your google assistant.
● Then you have to click on your profile.
● After that you will see the option of Language. You have to click on it. Where you will get the default English selected. If you want to change any other language then click on Add Language+ option.
● After that you will see a list of many languages. You can select any language according to you.


After doing this, the complete settings of your google assistant have been completed. Now all of you have to do fun with Google. Let’s have a little fun with Google and know what answer Google gives when asked.


Note: To ask any question to Google Assistant, always first press your home button. After this, if you ask any question, then Google will answer all your questions.


Hey Google How Are You


If you want to ask Google, Hey Google How Are You, you will get a great answer. It Means, you will feel at all that you are not talking to any of your best friends. Google will reply to you that “I’m fine. You’re very kind to ask, especially in this tempestuous times.”


Google How Are You


If you ask how google are you then you know what answer you will get. If you do not believe, then you can ask yourself once and see. When you ask google the same question again you will get different answer “I am good. Thank your for asking. I hope you’re doing well too. If I can help anything just ask.


Hello Google How Are You Today


If you ask again Hello Google How Are You Today, Google will give you a different answer every time. For example, if you ask this question for the first time, it will say “I’m great! Thank you for asking. But then if you ask this question again, it will say that “Thanks for adding. I’m doing ok.


A lot is going on in the world today. I hope you’re taking care of yourself.

It Means, every time you ask anything from Google, it will not disappoint you. Rather than, every time the answer will be changed so that you do not get bored.


Hello Google Assistant


If you ask google hello google assistant it will reply you that “Sure hello there”. You try this question once by asking Google. You will surely laugh.


Ok Google What Are You Doing


If you ask from Google “Hello google what are you doing?” So you will answer that “Where the kind is without fear…
Oh!  Was just reading some poetry out loud. Would you like to hear one.


Hello Google Have You Eaten


If you ask this question, Google will answer you that “My device is all charged up, and I am ready to help.


Hey Google I Love You


Some people ask this question to Google too much so that it can be fun. If you have not asked this question then definitely try asking once. Google will reply to you, “That’s really to great hear. I’ll try to keep up the good work.”


It is not that you can only ask questions to google assistant. You can also get many things done with it. You just need to order it. Like let’s know what Google can do for you?


Google What Can Do For Me


1. Phone Calling

Take the name of the number saved in your contact and say that i.e. “Calling Angel Mobile”. Your google assistant will call Angel as soon as you say this.


2. Message

You can message anyone just by speaking while placing the phone. All you have to do is say Angel Message and Google will send the message to Angel.


3. Google Search

If you have to search anything on Google, then you just open the browser and just speak to google assistant once and see. Will search and show you immediately.


4. App Open

If you want to run an app but can’t find it in your phone quickly and you have trouble finding it, just once tell Google to open Youtube. After saying this, Youtube will start running.


5. Jokes

If you do not feel well and getting bored, then you can listen to any favorite jokes by speaking to Google Assistant.


6. Singing A Song

If you have a bad mood and you want to listen to your favorite song to refresh the mood, then just try speaking to google assistant. He will immediately listen to your favorite song.


7. Places Near Me

If you want to find out the nearest place to you, you just need to say near me by keeping the name of that place from Google. You will reach your place immediately.


Why My Google Not Speaking


Many people have the problem that their Google does not speak. There can be two reasons for this. The first is that your settings may not have been done properly.

Therefore, you must need to follow the steps mentioned above for the settings. Secondly, your device will not be connected to the Internet. Therefore, before using Google Assistant, make sure to check your data connection.


Final Words


Today you have got complete information about Google Assistant. Along with this, it has also been learned that when you say Hello Google How Are You, what answer does Google give you and how?


Still, if you have any kind of question related to this, then you can definitely ask by commenting. Also, if you liked this post, then do share it. Thank you.

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