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What is my name, do you always keep asking the same question to Google like many other people. For your information, let us tell you that Google knows everything about you.


Today, as much as Google knows about you, even your family members may not know. What do you do all day, where do you go, even if your family is not aware of all this, but Google knows everything. Were you surprised to know this?


If you do not believe in all these things then read this post till the end. Then you will know that how Google knows the answer to all your questions. Do you think Google would know or not?


Don’t think too much on this Google knows your name. Not only this, Google also knows your address. If you do not believe then read this post once. Then you will know the whole truth.


What Is My Name Google – Google Assistant Complete Settings


Many people want to know that after all, what is my name, how will Google tell your name when asked? You must be thinking that how does all this happen?


Let us tell you that Google Assistant does all this work. All your data is saved with Google Assistant. After that if someone asks google please tell my name, then it tells immediately.


You have come to know that when asked what is my name, google assistant tells it, but many people are surprised to think that after all, how does it tell, how does it work?


In response to this, let us tell you that if Google is not telling your name, then you have to do some settings. After that you can also ask your Google. But how will all this happen, let us know about it in detail.


Here we will tell you what is the right way to know your name from Google? In this post, we will teach you to ask Google Assistant what is my name? In the absence of information, instead of asking Google Assistant, some people search in Google, what is your name? In this situation, you may not get the correct answer to your questions.


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Hey Google What Is My Name?


Today, whatever question people have, they search in Google and Google gives the answer absolutely accurate. Not only this, Google has become a means of entertainment for many people.


In the age of the Internet, some people search many strange questions in Google, but they do not get the direct answer. The biggest reason for this is that people do not know the right information about the search.


Like some people start searching on Hi Google what is my name? But they do not get the correct answer. If you want to talk to Google, then you should use Google Assistant.


Whatever you ask from this, you will get a simple answer to that question. Even when you ask “What is my name“, Google Assistant will immediately tell you your name according to your Google Account.


How much information does Google have about you? If you didn’t already know, Google knows a lot about you. Google knows what you like to eat and whether you enjoy driving, what is your name, when is your birthday and what is your age, what type of phone do you have, what is your dad’s name, you what to do tomorrow?


But some people do not know how to ask Google all this? So let us now know how you can ask all this?


Ok Google What is My Name


Google what is my name – how does google tell it, learn how google will tell your name?


You will remember that when you have created the account, then Google will have asked for many types of personal details from you. In that your name, phone number, gender etc. Google keeps all your information with it.


But Google does not misuse your details, but presents it to you only when needed. Now here you must have understood that Google has all your details. It is only with the help of this that Google tells “what is my name“.


Now you must have known that Google has all your data. Google’s service “Google Assistant” is our assistant in a way that accepts all our words. This is what tells our personal details, what is my name.


If you also want to know what is my name and Google tells this thing, then for this you have to setup Google Assistant. It is very easy to setup it.


What Is My Name Google Assistant?


If you want to ask Hello Google what is your name, then in order to ask Google your name, first you have to open Google Assistant on your device. Now the Google Assistant app is already installed in the new phone. Even if your phone does not have this app, you can still ask Google for your name.


For this, if you say “Ok Google” by pressing the Home Button or Home Icon (⌂) in your phone for a while, then the Google Assistant will be activated. After the Google Assistant is activated, you can ask “Google what is my name”, what is my date of birth, how old am I” by speaking or writing.


If you have google assistant app in your phone then to know your name from google first you have to open your google assistant and click on mic. After this you can ask “What is my name” or use the keyboard to type what is my name? After doing this, Google Assistant will tell your name.


Let us tell you one thing that for the first time when you ask your name from Google Assistant, it will tell your name according to your Google Account. If you want Google to call you by any other name, then you can also give it another name.


Once you tell her your second name, then whenever you ask yourself “What is my name Google” then she will tell you the name you have given. Actually Google is able to do this because when you tell her your new name, it saves your name as Nikname.


What is Google Assistant?


Google Assistant is a software Google itself, which works according to our voice. It can be used in any Mobile, PC or Laptop. Through this you can find out by speaking anything. You just need to do a little setup. The complete information about how to set up Google Assistant is given in detail below.


How to Tell Your Name to Google? Google What Is My Name – How to Ask?


A lot of people want Google to call them by other name. But they do not know how to tell their name to Google? Follow these steps to tell you name to Google.


1. First of all, open the Google Assistant App in your mobile or activate it by pressing the Home Button or Home Button (⌂) for a while.


2. After that ask hello google what is my name? After that she will tell your name according to your Google Account.


3. But if you want Google to call you by any other name, then to change the name to Goggle, you can ask to change my name.


4. When you ask Google to change your name, then you will be asked, OK, what should I call you. After that you have to say your new name. Like I would say call me ‘Suraj’. After this Google will reply “You want me to call you ‘Suraj’, is that correct?”


5. After this I said yes. After this the answer came, “Okay”, from now on I will call you ‘Suraj’. If you also want to tell Google your new name, then just like I said, you can also tell Google your name by speaking.


6. From the next time when you ask what is Google my name, Google will tell you your new name.


How to Know Your Name from Google Assistant | How to setup Google Assistant


Google Assistant is very easy to set up. You just need to follow the steps given below.


To ask Google what is my name, first of all you have to check whether Google Assistant is activated on your device or not. If you have Android version 7 or above then you can use Google Assistant in your mobile. Nowadays, Google Assistant already comes inbuilt in new smartphones. It just needs to be setup.


First of all say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” in front of your mobile. With this it will be known whether your mobile already has Google Assistant setup or not. The Google Assistant gets activated as soon as you say OK Google. If you have Google Assistant in your mobile then it will be activated.


If Google Assistant Setup is not done in your device. So you can setup Google Assistant by following the steps given below.


1. First of all open Google App. After that click on the Three Dot (More) appearing at the bottom right.

2. After that click on Settings. Then click on Voice.

3. Then click on ‘Voice Match’. And enable Hey Google. Now a new page will open in front of you.

4. Click on Next as shown in the image. After that click on ‘I Agree’.

5. After this you will be asked to say “Ok Google” twice and “Hey Google” twice in the next page. After that click on Next.

6. Now click on Continue. Now you will have a Saving Audio is your Choice option. There click on Not Now. Now Google Assistant has been setup in your device.

7. Now you can ask what’s is my name google?  Not only this, you can ask Google to do any work related to mobile like Ok Google, set the alarm, listen to the song etc.


OK Google What Can You Do?


The question comes in the mind of some people that what can Google Assistant do and they ask him, what can you do?


When you also ask this question, then you will not get the complete answer to your questions. That’s why we are here to tell you the features of Google Assistant so that you can know what Google Assistant can do.


Google Assistant is a program developed by the team at Google. It can also be called Virtual Assistant. It has the ability to control any Android phone or other smart device. To control devices through Google Assistant, we only need to give voice commands.


You can easily find out through Google Assistant what is your name or you can also ask any other question like google what is my name, what is my father’s name, listen to the song, where is my home,  What is my age, what is my mobile number, when is my birthday, tell a joke, tell a story, etc.


Open Music: You can order Google Assistant to play music in the language of your choice and it will play and listen to your favorite music in a matter of seconds.


Google Search: In few seconds you can search any information through “Ok Google” without any kind of search on Google.


Set an alarm: You can also set an alarm with the help of Google Assistant. All you have to do is tell the alarm time.


Message and Call: We can message or voice call anyone using Google Assistant through voice commands. For this, you need to tell us the name of the person you want to call or send a message to.


Find Nearest Place: Using Google Assistant, you can locate a restaurant, hospital, medical store, hotel or any other necessary place near you.


Read Notifications: Hundreds of notifications come on our phone throughout the day and our time is wasted in reading one by one and in such a situation if we read the message and see the notification through Google Assistant then our time will be saved.


Apart from this, you can do a lot more with the Google Assistant. Ask what you want to do.





Ok Google what is my name?

Above I share you complete details about how you can find out from Google what is your name? To know your name from Google, first you open Google Assistant and click on Mic.

Now say “What is my name” or write using keyboard Mera Naam Kya Hai? Next, Google Assistant will tell you your name. Google Assistant will also tell you your name when you ask this question. You can also ask him to call you by another name.

What is Your Name Google?

Google’s name is Google itself. And if you can also ask this question to Google Assistant, what is your name. This will tell Google Assistant its name.

This name of Google Assistant was kept by Sean Anderson and Koller writes. Afterwards it is ready to understand your point of view and answer all your questions.

What is My Father’s Name?

You can tell Google the name of your father or mother. For this, you have to tell Google your father’s name only once.

After this, whenever you ask, your questions will be answered. You can easily tell Google what is your father’s name.

What is your father name Google?

Google father name is Larry PageSergey Brin.

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